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5 Essentials for your Winter Fashion Wardrobe

by Bethlehem Town Centre, 16 May 2017

5 Essentials for your Winter Fashion Wardrobe

What key pieces will inject style and ‘now’ into your existing wardrobe and mean you look stylish, every day? 

Read on for expert advice from Vicki Burns who is a breath of fresh air, a dynamic business leader, and a fashionista extraordinaire. 

As owner manager of both Urban Vogue and George Edward, Vicki is passionate about taking runway looks from around the globe and putting a spin on them for the kiwi woman. 

She’s been in the fashion business for over 20 years and feels strongly that how you dress is not only about how you look, but about how you feel, ‘dress for comfort and confidence’, not for trends. 

When I asked what her top picks are for wardrobes this winter she laughs, she’s not into ‘one-hit-wonders’ or trends that don’t flatter real women. So what is she into?

After much persuasion Vicki agrees to settle on a few essentials every woman needs this season. 

Vicki's top-five winter fashion essentials 

1. Quality basics

Vicki’s stores stock Bettys Basics for your base layers, and beautiful New Zealand made cashmeres and merinos for those cooler days. Vicki says she just can’t go past investing in what you put on your skin and how it makes you feel. ’Get your base layers right, and your whole outfit will come together’. 

2. The perfectly fitting jean 

Comfortable and stylish. Your second skin should be a wonderful duo or style and comfort. They will take you from the casual Saturday sideline, paired with an oversized check shirt, and sharp sneakers, an evening out by adding some heeled boots, and a gorgeous embellished jacket. 

3. Navy and gold

A tailored navy suit jacket for example, or boyfriend jacket for that matter will take you almost anywhere. Complemented perfectly by gold shoes, jewellery or even make-up, this is a trend band-wagon you don’t want to miss.

4. Embellishments

On anything. Whether it’s sequins, beads, texture or even leather. From shoes and boots, to handbags and scarves , to jeans and even socks! Shining, shimmering and reflecting winter megre rays of sunshine, has never been so easy.

5. The all-time denim jacket. 

Tried and true. This train isn’t leaving the fashion station any time soon. Team with your embellishments, and mix your dark denims with the gold trend. A well fitting denim jacket can do wonders for dressing outfits up, or down. They are tough wearing and item you’ll keep coming back to day after day. 

Once you’ve got your staples sorted Vicki recommends two things: 

Layering: With your seasonal staples sorted, base layers are the next key. Combine your seasonal essentials with your quality base layers and you are bound to rock any and every outfit. 

Accessorizing: Accessories and winter are best friends. Scarves, hats, handbags and jewelry. Don’t leave home without them. 

After more advice and hot-tips? Vicki is just one shop away… at Urban Vogue or George Edward! She or one of her fabulous team is dying to help you look and feel amazing this winter.