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Everyday sustainability - our Top 5 Tips

by 24 May 2019

Everyday sustainability - our Top 5 Tips


It seems every other day there’s something in the news about the state of the planet and how it’s struggling.

Sometimes the problem seems so big that it leaves us wondering ‘what can I do?’.


Here at Bethlehem Town Centre we believe every little bit counts and we’re proud to have some pretty cool initiatives going on in our stores.

Yesterday’s coffee is now tomorrow’s compost, with coffee grounds from around the centre being used in our gardens.

While at Rodney Wayne hair clippings are being recycled into ‘hair booms’ used for soaking up coastal oil spills.

And Kmart has pledged that by 2020 it will source more sustainable cotton for its clothing, towels and bedding ranges.

But what can we as individuals do to make a difference? It goes back to our philosophy that ‘every little bit counts’. Making changes in our everyday lives, no matter how small, can have a big impact when enough people get on board.

Here are our top 5 tips for sustainable everyday living:

1. Use reusable cups

A recent study found that 295 million takeaway cups are used in New Zealand every year. That’s a lot of cups! Most cafes will let you bring your own reusable cup and there are lots of beautiful designs out there to choose from. It does take a little forward planning, but if you keep one in your bag or at work, it’s easy to change your habits. Here at the Centre, Coffee Club rewards you if you with a 20 cent discount if you bring a reusable cup.

2. Say no to plastic bags

Countdown was the first supermarket in the country to ditch single-use plastic carrier bags and we are proud to count them amongst our stores here at Bethlehem Town Centre. They say necessity is the mother of invention and it’s been amazing how quickly shoppers have adapted to bringing their own bags. This is something you can do with all your shopping – not just your groceries. Keep at least one reusable bag in your handbag or the glovebox of your car. It won’t take up any more space than a handkerchief, and will really cut down your plastic consumption.











3. Introduce Meat Free Monday

Or whichever day of the week works for you! You don’t have to be a full-blown vegan to make a difference. If everyone in New Zealand went meat free once a week, 852,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide would be prevented – the same as taking 177,667 cars off the road for a year. There are more and more meat alternatives becoming available and they taste pretty good too! Takeaway outlets are also getting on board, like Burger Fuel’s new plant-based Beyond Beleaf burger, which you can try right here at the Centre.

 4. Travel smarter

Carpool karaoke anyone? Okay, so you don’t have to burst into song with your carpool buddy but ride-sharing reduces the number of cars on the road, which means less harmful emissions. The same goes for catching a bus. Even better, if you cycle or walk to work you are improving your health at the same time.

5.Grow, grow, grow

Homegrown vegetables are not only good for you, they are good for the environment. Planting your own veggie garden means less packaging and zero food miles. What could be more convenient than your own backyard? If you don’t have the space at home you might want to think about joining a community garden.

And if you compost your food scraps, you reduce your ecological footprint even more. Did you know that over half of landfill waste is compostable? And that when you bury it, it releases harmful methane gases? If you start your own compost bin you will save money and the environment.

If you want some help in planning your veggie garden, the friendly team at Hammer Hardware can help.

Little by little

Even if you do just one of these things regularly, you will be having a positive impact on the environment.

We are looking forward to seeing more and more sustainable initiatives at the Centre. Do let us know if you can think of anything else we can be doing to improve our sustainability footprint. And of course, if you’re shopping with us, don’t forget to bring your reusable cups and bags!