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How to make ‘back to school’ easier

by 17 January 2018

How to make ‘back to school’ easier

After a long, glorious summer holiday it’s almost time for the kids to head back to school and get back into some routine.

But getting the kids back to school can be a real mind boggle.

Uniforms - bags - stationary - hats - shoes - haircuts - it’s all got to happen.

Panic stations?

We can help. Read on for some great ideas on how and what to prep for going back to school.


The stuff the kids care about

Every kid wants to turn up on their first day and show off their new backpack. Luckily Kmart has something for everyone. Boy and girl designs, busy or plain, practical and affordable. Your kids will have fun picking out their new backpack and lunchbox.

- Backpacks from $4. Or get 3-piece combo’s (pencil case, water bottle and bag) from $15.

- A lunch box for every taste. Prices start $9.

- Water bottles from $1 or grab a double wall insulated, hard wearing bottle for $9.



The stuff you care about

Once again, Kmart comes to the rescue with affordable uniforms. You’ll be able to kit them out from head to toe. Are any of these on your list of things to get? If so, head to Kmart.

- Girls and boys school shoes from $9

- Polo tees from $3, shirts from $6 and shorts from $9

- Active tee’s from $5

- 5 pack of undies from $7 and sock packs from $4.50

- Wide brim hat for $6



Classroom encouragers

There is something satisfying starting the new year with a brand new pencil case and a fresh set of pens. And a great way to encourage kids to get stuck in to school work.

Paper Plus Bethlehem will be able to cater for all your stationery wants and desires.

- All Black pencil case for the hard out fan - $9.99

- The essential exercise book - $2.99

- Highlighters (because everyone needs colour in their life) - $12.99

You’ll also find everything for book covering, math’s equipment, writing and drawing.


Looking their best

Just Cuts - Bethlehem are pro’s when it comes to kids haircuts. They can deal with the most stressed (we know that some kids are not a big fan of the getting their hair cut) to the most fussy of kids (those that know exactly what they want). Prices are as follows:

- Under 5: $17

- Age 5 - 10: $21

- Age 11 - 16: $25

Just pop in at your convenience. No appointment needed.

Ideas for the lunchbox

Tuna sandwich sushi rolls

Imagine your kid’s faces when they open their lunch boxes to find these cute little sandwich sushi rolls. They sure do beat the average looking sandwich, and manageable, bite size portions.

This countdown recipe tells you each step of the super simple method.



Peanut butter and chocolate slice

A match made in heaven - peanut butter and chocolate. Put them into a slice and you have a 100% yum snack. These take a quick 15 mins to prepare and 25 mins to bake. Check out the full recipe for ingredients and method.



Corn, spinach, bacon and cheese muffins

Fill them up with a wholesome snack. This recipe serves 6. You could even double the recipe quantities, freeze some and have them ready for the following week. Now that’s organised!


See, going back to school doesn’t have to be difficult.

Just spend a little time preparing and you’ll feel amazingly organised. Then when the time rolls around to send them off on their first day of school it will be a little bit easier (on you and them).

All the best with your prep. We’ll be here when you need us.


Bethlehem Town Centre (aka. your support crew)