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Kids Make Dinner For a Week!

by 29 July 2019

Kids Make Dinner For a Week!

You may have seen the current trend going viral on social media, where parents allow their children to choose what’s on the menu for the week. And you may be wondering, have they gone mad or are they onto something?

Giving your kids the freedom to put their chef hats on and be uber creative can be a really fun experience for them (not to mention a nice break for parents from cooking). At the Centre we have loads of fun meal ideas, family deals and equipment to help you have a delicious and nutritious week of meals, all cooked by your little ones. 

To give you a head start we have put together a guide for the week:


First things first, you have to look the part. Kmart stock some really cute chef costumes to suit all ages, complete with apron, hat and gloves, all for under $20! But a chef is nothing without his/hers tools, right? So make sure you grab some of the adorable cooking equipment and tools from the aisles to complete the look.


Kmart Kids Chef Costume


Nothing beats the Monday blues like make-your-own sushi night. Sushi is a simple and tasty dish that your kids can create all by themselves. Either buy the ingredients separately or pick up the Dragon Foods Asian Sushi Starter Kit for $14.99 from Countdown. Lay out the different components in colourful bowls and number them in the correct order, to help your little ones out. 


Child Making Homemade Sushi


You don’t need to fly off to Mexico to bring a fiesta into your home this winter. Fajitas are the perfect child and budget-friendly meal to combat the midweek mayhem. They are quick, easy and tasty. Under supervision, the kids can chop, stir and build their fajitas. Arriba!

Kids Making Mexican Fajitas


Make-your-own pizza night is a great way to mix things up and get everyone involved. Countdown has some awesome deals on pizza bases, sauces and toppings. Just grab the ingredients and let your kids go wild! 

Tip: To make it even more interactive and exciting, get your children to pretend that they run a pizza restaurant - have them write out menus and serve you as if you were a ‘real’ customer. 


No week is complete without a pasta dish! Pick up some ravioli shapers, choose your filling and make some homemade pasta magic. You could even make it into a competition, like ‘who can make the most pieces of pasta in half an hour’. Head into Hammer Hardware and Smith’s City to ask about their awesome deals on cooking equipment. 

Children Making Homemade Ravioli

Friday (Pie-Day)

If you are feeling a little adventurous by Friday, try this Sunbeam Magic Piemaker from Smith’s City. You can turn leftovers and pre-cooked fillings into tasty pies in under 5 minutes! Hold a pie-championship where your kids get to create two unique flavours to present to a team of judges. Chunky steak and M&M pie anyone? 


Pie Maker


If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! After a week of meals cooked by your kids you are alive and well (hopefully). So, why not end the week on a high with a good old family take-out. Whether you are in the mood for pizza, curry, sushi or burgers, the Centre has it all. And with some killer family meal deals, you can’t go wrong. Simply pick it up in-store or have it delivered to your door. 

So there you have it! A whole week of meals cooked by your kiddies. If you’re not brave enough to try a whole week, start by doing it for one or two nights and see how you get on. You never know, you may have the next Peter Gordon on your hands.