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Living Quarters simple guide to choosing art

by 1 August 2018

Living Quarters simple guide to choosing art

Choosing art for your wall can be a stressful task.

When actually, it should be fun and inspiring.

You spend hours scrolling through pieces of art online, you visit homeware shops and galleries and you’re still no further to choosing a piece that’s right for you.

Notice I say ‘right for you’.

Because, one of the most important considerations when choosing art is whether you like it. Whether a piece draws you in, makes you feel something, or connects with you in some way.

With art selection, there are also some practical considerations. You need to factor in your wall measurements, the furniture and the colour pallete of your room, and whether the art will work in the space. And that’s where professional help can make a difference, and take some of the stress out of choosing the right piece of artwork for you and your space.

At Living Quarters, they have experienced interior designers who can guide you through picking art for your space. In fact, here are some hints and tips they would like to share with you.


Whilst you’re looking

We won’t beat around the bush, it might take a while to find your perfect piece, but that’s ok. If you set out in the beginning with the understanding that it’s not going to happen overnight, you’ll release that stress element. And actually enjoy the process.

When you do start looking it’s a good idea to keep a record of the art you like. Do things like:

- Take a photo and save it,

- Cut out magazine clippings,

- Save website addresses,

- Pinterest can generate some great ideas.

Once you have a bank of ideas, you’ll be able to decide which ones you like, and which ones you love.


External factors

As mentioned earlier, your architecture does play a part. So if you’re bringing an old piece of art to a new home, be warned that it may not go. Things to be aware of with external factors:

Lighting. What sort of light does the area get? Does it get natural light or will it need a

lamp or downlights nearby?

TIP: Colours within art change under different light, be sure to know what sort of light it will be getting.

(Artwork: Entramado 1500W x 1000H - $2,175)

Walls and windows. Depending on your room layout you may like the look of one big piece or two pieces next to each other, or two pieces on different walls. This will all depend on your wall and window situation.

TIP: If you’re looking for two pieces, you can go for art that is different, but be sure that the colours are in the same family.

(Artwork: Fluido 1+2  730W x 920H - $1,580 each)

Space size. Are you catering for a big room or little room?

TIP: Little rooms can close up easily. Choosing light colours will help it feel more spacious.

(Artwork: A Nature 1200W x 1200H - $2,250)



What sort of atmosphere are you trying to create?

Art has an amazing ability to bring all sorts of moods and tones to a room. So, art that you’ll choose for your bedroom will be very different from your main living space.

Of course, you want all your artwork to make you smile but you also want it to set the tone of a room that works for your lifestyle.


(Artwork: Pasha 2 1000W x 1000H - $499)

(Artwork: Bloom 1000W x 1000H - $845)


Final words of wisdom from us

New Zealand is ready for modern art.

Living Quarters want to encourage your curiosity and for you to trust your instinct when choosing modern art.

If you feel drawn to a piece of art and it inspires you then it’s your piece. Be courageous 𑁋 step outside of the expectation of realism.

And if you’re still having trouble, the team at Living Quarters would love to meet with you and we can help guide you through.