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Love the Skin you're in

by Nicki Sunderland, 13 June 2016

Love the Skin you're in

Well we’ve definitely put away the sunscreen now!

Winter is here and so comes the dreaded dry skin. Cold blustery days and dry heat from heaters and air conditioning is the worst for skin. Just as what we eat and wear changes during winter, so too should our skincare routine. It’s all about locking moisture in from within and aiming for a fresh, dewy complexion.

If you’re in need of some TLC, try my top five in style tips to avoid dull skin this season.

Vitamin D

Solgar Vitamin D3, $28.20 at Hardy’s Health Store

Replace the goodness of the sun with goodness within. Vitamin D is essential for me for winter as the skin needs sunlight to produce Vitamin D - without it skin sags, loses its colour and gets older before we know it!


Essano Rosehip Organic Oil, $22.99 at Countdown

Using oils on the skin is a great way of trapping hydration in - essential in winter. I just love the feel of oil on my skin in winter - it’s so nourishing!

Sukin Facial Recovery Serum

Sukin Facial Recovery Serum, $20.99 at Unichem Metro Pharmacy

Treating yourself to a serum is a great way to give your skin and extra boost this winter. With Grape seed oil, avocado and vitamin E to assist in locking in moisture, you should have a dewy complexion in no time!

Olive Rich Cleansing Milk

Olive Rich Cleansing Milk, $16.15 at Unichem Metro Pharmacy 

An upllfting, gentle milky formula made with natural plant extracts, extra virgin olive oil and spring water  - use this as part of your cleansing routine and really see the moisture go back into your skin.  A great price too!

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion

Nivea Express Hydration Body lotion, $6.59 at Countdown

This is a cheap and cheerful very hydrating lotion that will work hard for your body this winter. Just slather on after a shower and trap that moisture in.

And remember - stay hydrated this winter! Your skin will thank you for it.

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