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Rodney Wayne stylists share the latest spring trends & top-tips.

by 9 September 2017

Rodney Wayne stylists share the latest spring trends & top-tips.

Does your hair never feel quite as good as it does when you walk out of the hairdressers? It’s a common complaint, says Olivia, who’s is one of two L’Oreal Professional colour ambassadors in the Bay of Plenty region, based at Rodney Wayne Bethlehem.

She is part of the nine strong, award winning team, led by the talented Ashley.

Most of Ashley’s staff have been with her for over three years. A testament to the team culture, success and significant investment in training that Ashely makes. With an ardent focus on customer experience, and consistency of care, you’ll find them in the salon every Wednesday night, often till 10 pm, learning the latest tricks, tips and trends to ensure they deliver their customers the Rolls Royce of a salon experience.

Olivia has been in the industry for over 15 years and speaks passionately about her customers. You can tell these two could talk all day about the success of their customers, and doing work they love - so here are Olivia and Ashley’s top tips:


Shampoo twice!? Who knew? It seems obvious, your hair grows from your scalp, the health of which consequently has a significant impact on your hair.

While you’re at it (and this is gold) bring a dry flannel in the shower with you. Why? To ‘towel dry’ your hair after shampooing. Like they do in the salon right? Conditioner is concentrated, but this is immediately diluted by excess water in your hair. ‘Towel dry’ with a flannel, then put the conditioner on mid-length to end. What is mid-length exactly? At least a solid inch off your scalp. To get the most out of the technology in the conditioner, separate your hair into four parts, and divide each in half as you ‘milk’ it, running your fingers down the length of the hair to get the goodness into it. Wow, I for one had no idea. You wouldn’t drive a Rolls Royce like a Hilux, so if you’re spending good money on amazing products ensure your hair gets the best out of them.

Cut-trends for spring:

As for trends, Olivia says hair follows makeup, fashion and even cakes. All of which are currently tracking towards simplicity, and effortless style.

The blunt bob is still strong; either hugging the jawline or just below the collarbone. Longer lengths are definitely ‘coming up’, says Olivia, and the bob can either be sharp edged or a bit more ‘shaggy chic’.

Colour-trends for spring:

Copper is on its way up, from brights through to strawberry blonde. Ashley discussed ‘zonal toning’;  adding depth and colour to different parts of the hair around the face to highlight features, and personalise each look.

Ashley and her team strive to deliver outstanding customer experience. Hot drink in hand, or even a wine, you’ll have a face-to-face discussion with your stylist to discuss your aspirations for your hair. You’ll cover its condition, your lifestyle and routine, how much time you have available to prepare your hair each day, the health of your scalp and an expert analysis of areas to work on, be they volume, frizz, moisture, or one of the 25 other combinations their treatments cater for. When it comes to washing your hair Olivia refers to their personalised ‘shampoo ritual’ (sign me up!).

Steve Jobs said ‘you’ve got to start with the customer experience, and work back towards the technology - not the other way around’. It seems Ashley and her team live and breathe this. Given they have world-class technology at their fingertips, you can only imagine the experience that awaits you in-store.

Call them what you will, ‘pro’s’, guru’s or ‘experts; these two and their team are savvy, apt and cutting-edge.

Open 7 days, with late nights on Tuesday and Thursdays. Book now on 07 579 1117.