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Three super-easy spring gardening projects

by 27 September 2017

Three super-easy spring gardening projects

Struggling to get motivated in the garden? Spring has sprung and you’re not quite feeling it? 

If so, here are three super-easy projects to get you started, and ensure your fruit, veggies, herbs, and plants are well loved all summer long. 

If backyard DIY and future proofing your plants for long hot holidays sound like you, read on.

Biodegradable seed-pots:

  1. Simply lay last week's’ Sunlive newspaper flat and cut into thirds lengthways
  2. Roll newspaper strips around empty toilet rolls 
  3. Use extra newspaper at one end to tuck up inside the roll
  4. Fill with fresh potting mix
  5. Plant seed and water
  6. Place in veggie or flower patch

Pick-up potting mix and seeds at Bethlehem Town Centre Hammer Hardware. Voila! 

DIY irrigation 

If you’re planning on heading away this summer, plant with the future in mind so your plants don’t dry up while you are away.

  1. Collect used plastic bottles (soda bottles work well) 
  2. Wash clean and poke holes in the lower half of the bottle
  3. Plant next to the root system of your plant or tree
  4. Remember to fill with water before you head away!

Pro-tip: If planting outside, you can actually cut the top off the soda bottle and re-insert upright. It will act as a funnel for catching rainwater while you are away (or home!) also. 

Magic veggie-juice

This one’s a piece of cake, simply remember to keep the liquid from any vegetables that you cook! 

Yes, that water you usually tip down the sink from your steamed broccoli or boiled potatoes is full of extra nutrients that are good for your plants. (Just remember to let it cool before feeding it to your plants!)

Still looking for garden inspo?

Make sure you head down to Hammer Hardware and ask the team for their spring tips, or pick up some new gloves, they’ll be sure to get you going. And, if you’re short on space, remember to check out Kmart’s great selection of plant pots and vertical planters. Let your green fingers free.

Once you’ve done the work, you’ll be able to sit back for months to come and enjoy the fruits (or vegetables!) of your labour.