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Time to improve your health and fitness? Read this.

by 28 February 2018

Time to improve your health and fitness? Read this.

When you think about it, your health affects your fitness and your fitness affects your health. They go hand-in-hand.

But sometimes it can be a struggle to manage both —  especially when you lead a busy life and time for your own wellbeing gets further down the priority list.

Here at Bethlehem Town Centre, we’re home to a range of health and fitness services. Whether it’s exercise, healthy eating options, or general health we might just have what you need.

We’ve put together just some of the health and fitness services you can find at our centre, and why they could potentially be of use to you.



We all know exercise is key to improving fitness. But how do we make exercise a regular thing and make it a ‘lifestyle’ change rather than a short-term solution.

Trying out a gym of any kind can be a bit daunting but places like Jetts Bethlehem and Remix RT Fitness Studio are really great at offering something a bit different and you’ll soon feel right at home and part of the community.



For our food lovers, we have plenty of options to make sure your diet stays balanced and yum. So when life calls for a takeaway lunch, dinners or snacks — any of these delicious options can cater for nutritious, balanced meals. Not to mention it will be delicious.

Pita Pit

Turkish to go

Hello Sushi





Some people really underestimate how much footwear can affect your fitness. Wearing incorrect footwear for the type of fitness you’re doing can be dangerous and put you at higher risk of injury.

You ask Podium and Podiatry and Footwear, they’re the experts. Their Podiatrists and Footwear Specialists are able to analyse your movement and highlight any potential weaknesses in your run or walking style. They have the ability to select the right footwear to suit your exercise needs.

If you’re interested in knowing more, you can head in store anytime to see a Footwear Specialist or book an appointment for a full biomechanical assessment carried out by a Podiatrist.


Body WOF

It might sound a bit odd, but just like your car, your body sometimes needs a checkup to make sure things are running smoothly. It might be that you have an issue but not quite sure who to see about it.

By seeking professional advice (and not just burying the problem) can be all that you need to get started.

We have all these great services on site:



We want to look after our community. And we love that we can provide you with the services (that are all within walking distance of each other to save you time) you need to help improve your health and fitness.

We hope to see you soon with an extra spring in your step.