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Kiwi Mum Shares Twenty Dollar Kmart Challenge

News, 16 June 2020

Kiwi Mum Shares Twenty Dollar Kmart Challenge

A clever Kiwi mum on the 'Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia' Facebook group has shared the '$20 Kmart Challenge' game she created to entertain her kids and their friends. And it's proving to be a huge hit online!

She created the game as an idea for her daughter's birthday party, but this sounds like fun for all ages!

The rules are:

  • Each player gets $20 to spend at Kmart.
  • The player must then purchase items from various categories .. but stay as close to $20 as possible.
  • Each player must buy something to eat and share, something to wear, a beauty product, an item for school and something glittery or shiny.

The repsonse online has been huge with people inventing their own categories, dollar amounts and variations of the game.

So.. next time you've got a kids birthday party (or maybe even an adults one) - this could be some serious fun! 

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