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What's new for Autumn 2019?

by 20 March 2019

What's new for Autumn 2019?

Are you one of those people who likes to be in the know when it comes to fashion trends?

Well, you’re in luck.

We’ve gone to some of our favourite fashion stores in the Centre and asked them what’s in for Autumn.

Maybe you like to have a fresh injection into your wardrobe, a new look for your hair or a change of colour theme in your home?

All of which you can find out what’s new for Autumn 2019, right here.

Let’s start with your wardrobe and what should be going in it.


Your Autumn wardrobe

Vicki from Urban Vogue has given us a full rundown of what you should be injecting into your autumn wardrobe.

Prepare yourselves for some extreme contrast in colours and fabrics coming in.

There’s no surprise that mustard and toffee tones are continuing to make an appearance. As well as a strong green palette. These earthy tones are exactly what we need to get us in the mood for autumn setting in.

You may have thought this was a fading trend but we are still seeing animal prints come through. Along with strong styling in the way of blazers.

We’ve got the return of the baby doll dress. Usually paired with a scarf and boots for the autumn feel.  

This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, you may even see it as a big clash, but we are seeing a ‘more is more’ attitude with different colours and fabrics being worn together. You’ll see people matching stripes, with checks and florals, all in one outfit. It sure is a statement, and we do love a good statement.

Now, this is where the extreme contrast comes in.

Even though we’re seeing big bold statement pieces like all of the above, there is still a strong emphasis on neutrals (did we hear you breathe a big sigh of relief then?).

Natural colours and fabrics are here to stay. So all of you linen lovers are safe. New styles in linen, silk and cotton fabrics are arriving and they are beautiful to wear if you like the more subtle tones.

Another item that people may have thought has run its course already, is the jumpsuit. It’s proved to be super popular with its ability to be dressed up or down and suit a variety of different shapes. So if you’re still umming and ahhing over whether to pick one up, take this as a sign.

And as per usual, in the background of any trend is the classic denim. We all need the easy go to. There are still the plain skinny  jean but also styles with detailing to make your denim items a little different.

To see all that’s coming in, we’d highly recommend popping into the Centre to get a real feel for the beautiful colours and fabrics we’re seeing.

Autumn hair trends

Heading into autumn the trend is for beautiful, healthy shiny hair. And we’re seeing less highly processed, ‘artificial look’ colours.

The trend is leaning towards darker/richer tones.  Chocolate and copper tones are being used to achieve the indulgent look and some have a spicy hint by being mixed with mahogany tones.

If you like the more traditional colouring, you can make a personalised statement by adding in other complementary shades to your application to add depth and dimension. It’s nice to have a bit of change every now and then.

Instant highlights are a great way to add maximum impact for minimum time and spend. Our no compromise colour with L’Oreal Smartbond ensures your hair will always look and feel great every time you colour it.

Blondes are moving away from the bright beach blonde and towards the French balayage technique, where we go for a smokey root colour with soft muted blondes through the ends.

Ashley from Rodney Wayne Bethlehem says we love creating gorgeous hair that suits the person’s skin tone. Here are a couple of French balayage examples we’ve done in the salon.

Create an autumnal home

We hope you still like mustard and blush because it’s sticking around. And rightly so. They send beautiful vibes of cosy and welcome.

What is new, is the darker, purple tones. Creating a relaxed and happy feel around the home.

And no room is complete without some sort of greenery or floral arrangement. For those of you who struggle to keep green things alive, Kmart have a massive selection of artificial plants and flowers that’ll do the trick. That way you can sit back, relax and not worry about sad looking plants.

Options Gifts and Homewares have beautiful soft furnishings coming in store, they also love to help out with styling ideas for your home.



This should give you an idea of what to expect in stores around Bethlehem in the coming months. Be inspired by the new colours and textures and why not be brave and make a change.

We hope you catch the autumnal vibes as our tree leaves start to fall and our Centre becomes an autumn sanctum.

See you soon.