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Winter sports Weekend Warrior - 12 things you shouldn’t leave home without

by Bethlehem Town Centre, 15 June 2017

Winter sports Weekend Warrior - 12 things you shouldn’t leave home without

‘Soccer mom’ has been officially added to the urban dictionary: "A suburban mother who spends a lot of time taking her children to play soccer or engage in similar activities." Huffington Post even describes her as "part human part mythical majestic beast." #nopressure

Winter sports are a great opportunity to get the kids out of the house on the weekend. The fun, excitement and endorphins make dragging yourself out of bed worth it.
Most of us have memories of warming up on the sidelines of the hockey, rugby or soccer field, or the side of the netball court. Sure, we froze our butts off but the memories made and habits created have lasted far longer than the cold fingers and toes.
Come Saturday morning, it’s not just about getting your kids ready, you want to be looking your best too. Or at least, your best for Saturday morning!
Chances are you’ll have a few games this season that are outrageously early. We’ve done the thinking, so you don’t have to. With this list you’ll be fully prepared to come away with a winning feeling, regardless of the outcome of the game. 

1.    Hat - baseball cap, fedora hat or beanie
2.    Folding chairs 
3.    Arm yourself with snacks 
4.    Black oversized sunglasses 
5.    Activewear (like these beauties from Kmart)

6.    Trendy gumboots
7.    Non-disposable coffee cup containing necessary beverage 
8.    Water bottles, water bottles and more water bottles
9.    Children/players
10.  Phone with a camera 
11.  Jacket and scarves
12.  Carry bags and umbrella 
Find all your necessary essentials on a walk around Bethlehem Town Centre and you’ll be sorted. Plus...
Countdown - crackers, beef jerky and the obligatory oranges or mandarins for the sideline and post-match nutrition. Countdown can also help you out with some great slow cooker recipes. So if you’re super organised in the morning you won’t have to worry about a hearty lunch or dinner for your young athletes when they get home. Countdown have great slow-cooker recipes too! 

Omni Tech or Smiths City will get your sorted with a camera phone to make sure you get snaps on the go, and a good quality case to protect your number one accessory from the muddy field or concrete court.
Clever Kids have some stunning water bottles, as well as a range of activities to keep younger siblings entertained before and after the game. Balls, gadgets, books etc.
Kmart. Ah Kmart. Something for everyone, from the players on the field, to the littlies on the sidelines, to your own stella gummies, umbrella or activewear.
Wild South with their amazing jackets, that can be layered over merino, and complemented by one of their cosy scarves. You’ll be set for whatever the weather holds.

Urban Vogue or Bethlehem Eye Care will keep your eyes looking and feeling good, with their ranges of beautiful sunnies. 
So, grab your essentials bag and get moving. Oh! And enjoy the game! 
P.S. And if you need anymore weekend styling tips, why not check out kiwi stylist Emma John’s hot tips

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